Decorative Holiday Gift Boxes


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Image shows two types of velvet heart gift boxes, one with flowers and one without flowers, on a white background. Floral teuscher truffle boxes display Image shows a variety of opulent flower boxes in three different sizes, on a white background.
Valentine's Luxe Velvet HeartFloral and Pattern Luxe Silk BoxesOpulent Flower Boxes

Valentine's Day Luxe Velvet Box

Luxurious silk envelops our hand made decorative boxes

Happy Flowers!

Chocolates in the fanciest seasonal presentation

Image shows an arrangement of various sizes of gold holiday gift boxes with shiny gold, red and orange flowers on a red velvet cloth. Images shows two bright red holiday luxury assortment boxes with shiny, opulent flowers on top, on a white background. Image shows several different sizes of the Santa Clause gift boxes on a red cloth.
Holiday Bouquet Floral BoxesHoliday Luxury AssortmentSanta Claus Gift Boxes

Shiny, glittering opulence filled with teuscher truffles make for a decadent Holiday

The most opulent Holiday presentation

Santa is coming to town, bearing teuscher truffles!

Image shows three gold boxes adorned with Christmas trees on a white background.
Christmas Tree Gift Boxes

Hand decorated gift Christmas Tree with chocolates