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teuscher chocolates - founded 80 years ago in Switzerland, 45 years presence in the USA!

Teuscher Chocolates was founded in the Swiss mountainside in 1932 - our signature creation, the Champagne Truffle, has been appreciated around the world for over 70 years!

Despite the technology involved in today`s food manufacturing processes, our Champagne Truffle is still being crafted just as it always has been, using only the purest and highest quality ingredients such as Dom Perignon champagne.

The Champagne Truffle has a dark chocolate ganache center that is enriched by a creamy infusion containing finest Dom Perignon Champagne. Its enrobing consists of milk chocolate and it is finally sprinkled with confectioner`s sugar to produce the Champagne Truffle`s distinctive look.

We never use preservatives, hydrogenated oils, gums or waxes in our products, but rather ship the chocolates every week from Zurich in order for them to be available freshly in our stores in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Middle East. In this way, we continue to bring you these marvelous chocolates, acclaimed as the world`s finest by gourmets and critics alike.
Teuscher Truffles should be kept at low room temperature (68 degrees) and they are best if consumed within 10 days.

"for chocolate lovers. many connaisseurs consider Teuscher to be the world`s finest."
Mimi Sheraton
New York Times

"the most meltingly marvelous of all chocolate creations."
Bon Appetit

"the best Champagne Truffles ever."
Amy McIntosh
Zagat Survey

"the best all-around chocolatier"
Gail Greene
New York Magazine

"Relishing a Teuscher truffle ranks among life`s great pleasures.
Perhaps no chocolatier in the world gets the alchemy quite so right."
Top 10 Travel Guides, Boston edition

"Teuscher Champagne Truffles, one very sweet dream."
O - The Oprah Magazine, January 04

Teuscher`s Champagne Truffles were featured on "Oprah`s Favorites" TV Show
and acclaimed by Colin Cowie.
The Oprah Winfrey Show, December 04

"Teuschers specialty is the uber-sexy champagne truffle...
the texture and the taste are extraordinary."
The Boston Globe, Calendar, February 05

Teuscher Truffles lists prominently among the best Mail Order Desserts on
Julie Moran`s Insider`s List on the Fine Living TV Network.
July 05

Fans of Teuscher appreciate that it is less sweet than most American chocolates. Truffles are Teuscher`s masterpieces, especially the champagne. With a bite, the zing of Dom Perignon in the creamy center hits the tongue, then invigorates the surrounding velvety ganache. A spill-proof, divine way to make a champagne toast.
The Oregonian
March 06

Teuscher produces "dribble-making aromas" in their stores.
Financial Times, London
August 06

"Pick up some truffles and pralines from Teuscher!"
From 20 Must Buys - India Today Travel Plus
September 06 

´╗┐Rated #1 Best Chocolatier in the World
Intelligent Travel, National Geographic 12/28/2012

"The world's finest Hand-made Champagne chocolates from Teuscher are now in Bangkok"
Bangkok Post, Lifestyle,  July 2014

teuscher Champagne Truffles listed as part of "9 Fanciest Deserts Ever"
Du Jour Magazine, November 14

"Presentation: delicate, whimsical - Chocolate: A powerhouse"
Bloomberg, 2/2017

"the most fabulous chocolate I ever ate.”
NY Times 2/2018


Champagne Truffle
Dark Champagne Truffle
Swiss Vodka
White Wine
Milk Buttercrunch
Dark Buttercrunch
Grand Marnier
Caramel, Milk and Dark
Salted Caramel, Milk and Dark
Extra Butter
Green Tea Dark

Pralines and Nutty items:
White Gianduja
Mocha Gianduja
Hazelnut Gianduja
Zebra Gianduja
Sliced Almond
Dark Almond Gianduja
Walnut Marzipan
Lubeck Plain Marzipan
Pistachio Marzipan
Almond Special, hazelnut gianduja and pistachio marzipan
Marzipan Date
Milk Pistachio
White Pistachio
Hazelnut Log
3 Hazelnuts, Milk and Dark
Almond Honey Crunch, Milk and Dark
Almond Cluster, Milk and Dark
Nougat Montelimar
Nutty Cube Pavé Glacé

Orange Slices, White, Milk and Dark
Orange Peels, Milk and Dark
Lemon Squares
Raspberry Squares
Florentine, Milk and Dark

Milk/Dark Salted Caramel
Cognac Grape
Grappa Cherry
Liquor Balls: Grand Marnier, Williams, Cognac, Kirsch

...and many other seasonal goodies, please inquire